Head Basketball Coach

Job Overview:

As a BAD Thunder Basketball Coach, you will be responsible for developing and implementing effective coaching strategies to enhance the skills and performance of our basketball team. You will provide players guidance, instruction, and motivation, fostering a positive and competitive team environment. This position requires strong leadership abilities, excellent basketball knowledge, and a passion for player development.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Player Development:

  • Design and implement practice plans to improve individual and team skills.
  • Teach fundamental basketball techniques, strategies, and game tactics.
  • Provide constructive feedback and guidance to players to enhance their performance.
  • Develop and implement strength and conditioning programmes to improve player fitness.

2. Game Strategy and Planning:

  • Run team training session 1/2 x per week with games on the weekend.
  • Make in-game adjustments and decisions to maximise team performance.
  • Develop offensive and defensive strategies tailored to the team’s strengths.
  • Provide guidance and support during games to motivate and inspire players.

3. Team Building and Leadership:

  • Foster a positive team culture based on respect, discipline, and sportsmanship.
  • Encourage teamwork, communication, and collaboration among players.
  • Develop leadership skills in players and assign team roles and responsibilities.
  • Promote a supportive and inclusive environment for all team members.

4. Player Evaluation and Progress Tracking:

  • Assess player performance and progress through regular evaluations.
  • Provide individualised feedback and create development plans for players.
  • Monitor and track player statistics, strengths, and areas for improvement.
  • Collaborate with other coaches and staff to identify talent and potential recruits.

5. Programme Promotion and Community Engagement:

  • Represent the basketball programme professionally and positively.
  • Engage with parents, fans, and the community to promote the team and its values.
  • Participate in community events, camps, and clinics to support basketball development.


  • Level 2 Coaching Qualification
  • Safeguarding Qualification (Club can provide)
  • Enhanced DBS Check
  • First Aid Qualification (Club can provide)
  • Previous coaching experience
  • Strong knowledge of basketball rules, techniques, and strategies.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire players to reach their full potential.
  • Strong organisational and time management abilities.
  • Positive attitude, patience, and ability to work well under pressure.

We seek dedicated and passionate Coaches who can lead our team to success on and off the court. We encourage you to apply for this position if you have a deep understanding of the game, excellent coaching abilities, and a commitment to player development.

Work Location: Chadwell Heath Academy, RM6 4RS

Licence/Certification: Driving Licence (preferred)

Job Application

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