Social Media Policy

To provide clarity and guidance on the use of photography and film during BAD Thunder Basketball Club training sessions, games, and related events.

This policy applies to all members, players, coaches, staff, volunteers, and participants associated with BAD Thunder Basketball Club.

1. Photography & Filming:
a. BAD Thunder Basketball Club reserves the right to take photographs and film footage during training sessions, games, and related events.
b. The captured content may be used for club marketing, promotions, social media posts, website updates, and other related club activities.
c. All content will be managed and stored in compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

2. Tagging on Social Media:
a. For enhanced engagement and to acknowledge achievements, BAD Thunder Basketball Club may tag players’ social media handles when posting images or videos.
b. Players’ safety and privacy is of utmost importance. As such, care will be taken not to reveal sensitive or private information.
c. Players or their guardians (in case of minors) have the right to decline being tagged in any post.

3. Opting-Out:
a. If any player or their guardian (in case of minors) wishes not to be tagged or would like specific images/videos removed, they should contact BAD Thunder Basketball Club’s Communication or Social Media Manager promptly.
b. All such requests will be addressed in a timely manner, and appropriate actions will be taken to respect the individual’s preferences.

4. Responsible Use:
a. All members and associates of BAD Thunder Basketball Club are encouraged to share club-related content responsibly.
b. Any content that may harm the club’s reputation, reveal private information, or negatively affect another individual should not be shared.
c. Offensive comments, cyberbullying, or any form of digital harassment related to club activities will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary actions.

5. Policy Review:
This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and effective. Feedback from members and participants will be encouraged to ensure a comprehensive and respectful approach to social media engagement.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in helping to maintain a positive and respectful digital presence for the BAD Thunder Basketball Club. If there are any concerns or suggestions related to this policy, please contact the club’s administration.